A Warrior and a Gentleman

Leading a life of self-discipline and selfless indulgence.



Entrepreneurship, Warrior Culture and... Sensuality?

It seems like a contradiction in behavior: an infantry Marine who runs a private security firm AND teaches sensual massage… Rich, however, is nothing if not genuine. Couples who have taken his classes describe him as “considerate, discreet, and thorough,” and are more than happy to recommend his particular brand of couples “therapy.”

When asked about his exceptionally broad interests, Rich says he was born an affectionate person and learned leadership and toughness through competitive martial arts and high school athletics. He further developed his mind for security and protection throughout his Marine Corps career, much of which was spent teaching new officers at The Basic School in Quantico, VA. When addressing his seemingly abnormal duality of character, he says “I’ve always been that way. I think my actual toughness and ability allows me to be very comfortable in my own skin and I don’t have any problem with driving to the gun range while listening to Julie London.”

When asked about massage and sensuality directly, he jokes, “I learned early as a teenager, if I offered a girl a massage I could get her naked much faster than I otherwise would;” but Erossage is more than just about getting people naked. “I developed a passion for teaching at The Basic School and I’ve been dying for another opportunity to get back into that role, and of course I love sex and sensuality, so it didn’t take much convincing when a friend suggested making the transition.”



Who says passion is a woman's job?


When asked to identify an ancient deity associated with, or responsible for love, passion, seduction or sensuality, most people will point to Aphrodite, Venus, Aurora or maybe even the Viking goddess Freyja. Why are we so quick to identify women as responsible for seduction, or the purveyors of sensuality?

In Greek mythology, Eros is the male god of sensual love and desire.